Updating Kodi to 17.3 and fresh installing Hellboy or Sleak – FOR ANDROID BOX USERS ONLY – Firestick and FireTV users another set of directions will be posted for you at a later date.
Clearing the old build and installing Kodi 17.3
1. Turn on your box and go to the box settings. (Note: There are two settings on some boxes. The settings you need will be in the Apps menu or there will be a small square icon on the bottom of your screen.) Open settings.
2. Go to Apps – find kodi and click on it. If you don’t see it you may be in the wrong settings.
3. Here you will see what Version you have. Scroll down to “clear cache” and clear it. Then scroll up to “clear data” and clear it. Wait until they both clear to 0.00 before you proceed.
4. Those with older versions uninstall Kodi. If you have 17.3 proceed to installing Hellboy/Sleak.
5. Log into google playstore, search for kodi 17.3 and install it.

Installing Hellboy/Sleak
1. Open Kodi from the shortcut on your screen.
2. Go to Addons on the left menu, click on it.
3. Click on the pinwheel on the top right of the menu.
4. On the right side, enable “unknown sources” by clicking on it.
5. Click “Yes” on the warning message.
6. Click back once, then click right to “enter add-on browser”.
7. On the next screen click on the two dots to go back one level.
8. On the next screen scroll all the way up to the two dots again to go back another level.
9. On the next menu click on “install from zip”.
10. Click on “external drive” then “download”.
11. Here you will see kroenen_wizard.zip or hellboy.zip – click on it.
12. This will enable the install wizard. Wait for the message to appear on the top right of your screen.
13. Back all the way out to the main kodi screen and highlight “addons”
14. To the right you will see the kroenen_wizard, click on it and select your 17.3 build. Make sure you follow the on screen instructions.