Terrarium TV is a new app we have been testing out and has only been installed on our current boxes. This app only streams movies and shows similar to how Hellboy/Sleak do but with a whole new look and feel.

By default TTV will show tv shows. To change to movies select the settings menu (the 3 lines on the top left of your screen) – Here you can change between tv, movies and your favorites. You can also customize and make changes to the settings.

Next to the settings munu it the category menu (upside down triangle). You can change the category of the movies or tv shows here.

Playing a movie or show.
Once you find the movie or show you want to view, select the play button on the top right of your screen or long press the select button. Like Hellboy and Sleak it will search the web for available links, high quality on the top, low quality toward the bottom.

You can also add shows and movies to your favorites by highlighting the star on the top right of the show or movies screen.
There is also a search option – the magnifying glass will open up the search engine and you will be able to type your search there.

We recommend going into the settings menu and adding a trakt tv and a real debrid account. Both these accounts are free and will get you more results on all content.