To open Hellboy/Sleak click on the “KODI” tile on the main TX5 screen. (For this tutorial Hellboy screenshots will be used on the TX5 Pro Android Box. Both Sleak and Hellboy operate the same.)

Once you open KODI you should see the main Hellboy screen.

Select the submenu or above menu category you want to view.

Select your movie or show.. (It will now search the web for all the available providers). You will get a list sorted by quality – Bigger HD quality files will be on the top and smaller lowest quality files will be toward the bottom of the list. If your internet isnt fast, select the files on the bottom.

Each menu and submenu is linked to content in several different addons that we think are the best. To view all the addons and their content go to the tuneup munu and click on the VIDEO ADDONS submenu. You can explore each addon and what they have to offer. If you find something you think is worth linking to a submenu, please let us know and we will review it and possibly add it on a future update.

You can add any content to your favorites by long pressing the select button on your remote until a menu opens up on the left side. Click add to favorites and it will automatically shortcut into the FAVORITES menu.

The adult section has a huge variety of content. For those with kids we have password protected this section.
To unlock this section use the password “wank”.