How much does the TX5 Pro cost?

The TX5 Pro costs $120 plus $8 for shipping.

Is there a monthly fee for the streaming?

No, all available content is free to stream.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Please join our Facebook support group by clicking here.


Can I use one TX5 Pro on multiple TV’s?

The TX5 Pro will work on any TV with an HDMI connection and you can move the box from TV to TV. But you can only use it on one TV at a time. You will need to purchase a box for each tv to use them simultaneously.

Is there a return policy?

All sales are final unless the box itself does not function with in 7 days of purchase. This means the box will not power on or is physically damaged.

Will these programs stop working?

All addons and apps that provide free streaming are not 100% guaranteed to last forever. We do our best to keep our builds up to date and functional with the latest addons. If one should stop working we will remove and replace it on future updates.