What do you get with a TX5 Pro box?

With the combination of Kodi Hellboy, Kodi Sleak, Terrarium TV and Livenet TV you will be able to stream an unlimited amounts of movies, sports and tv shows. Heres a list of everything you get. More info.

All TV shows from all major networks and premium channels. (All tv shows will be available after they air on the east coast.)
Original programming from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube Red, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and more…

Unlimited movies from every genre old and new in HD.
Movies from around the world in HD.
Movies still in theaters (most are CAM copies)

A dedicated kids section with content from Disney, Nicklodeon, and the Cartoon Network.

Live Sports – UFC, WWE, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and Soccer. (Game availability may vary)

Password protected Adult content.

Updates and support
All TV shows are on demand, no DVR fees, No commercials, watch anytime.

TX5 Pro Specs

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With Hellboy/Sleak boxes you can say goodbye to those over priced cable bills…

How much can we save you?

What you can save

This is what it will cost you per month/year if you were to pay for everything we provide on our boxes for free.

Average cost of cable (without premium channels) $100 per month
Netflix $12 per month
Amazon $99 per year ($8.25 per month)
Hulu plus $12 per month
You tube red $9.99 per month

WWE Network $9.99 per month
UFC fights $59 per month
Boxing $59-$100 per month
NFL Sunday Ticket $284
MLB pass $109
NBA pass $199
NHL pass $159

Average total per year